Examen Young Learners

Escuela de Inglés Zaragoza aprendices

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a) b) c)


a) b) c)


a) b)c)


Most letters { in/about/after} the alphabet come from pictures {than/because/or}  people drew first, and then they learnt to write. The letter ‘A’, for example, comes from the picture of a kind of farm animal which is called a cow. Look carefully and you can {see/saw/seeing}  two of its legs and its face in the letter ‘A’. When people started {at/by/to} write, they made words from these letters, and wrote {her/mine/their} stories on leaves and on walls. But now, we all write {with/off/for} pens and pencils in books. Some of us can write on computers too!


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  Teacher Are you ready for your holiday in London, Sally?

  Sally No, I’ve still got a lot to do before I go! (example)


  Teacher How are you feeling about it?



  Teacher Have you been in London before?



  Teacher Where are you going to stay?



  Teacher Are you going to take your camera?



  Teacher Have a lovely time




  1. 2.  3. 
    4. 5.  6.

Listen and write in order the days (Example: Monday Tuesday Wednesday…*)

* without  commas

What is the color of the snow?